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With an outstanding background as a professional teacher and over 25 years of teaching experience, Diane Demick brings both her passion and her expertise to each session, helping you believe & achieve!


I began as a member with the CPGA in 1993, and am the first Female CPGA Professional in Northern Ontario.  I had to compete against the men in Northern Ontario, and in 1997, I tied for second against 34 Male Professionals. I continued to advance my teaching knowledge by working towards my five year LPGA Teaching License. As of 1999, I became a member of both CPGA and LPGA Associations. Each year I have continued to sharpen my skills in teaching both the physical and mental part of the game. I also have various teaching aids including: Tomi (a putting analysis system), Video Analysis and Lie Board for club lie angle analysis.

From 1999 to 2015, I worked for the private golf club at Big Bay Point. My titles include Greens Superintendent and Head Golf Professional, as well as duties including manager. I also obtained my Landscape Exterminator and IPM Agent Licence to fulfill my Greens Superintendent duties. 

I am a certified instructor with V1 Swing Analysis and the V1 Pressure Mat. Proficient in the trackman data-driven knowledge to help improve your golf swing. Use the technology the Pro's are using. 

I work to assist players with a physical impairment to keep them in the game. By tweaking the golf swing, and greatly minimizing pain felt when playing, the player can continue to improve and enjoy the game.


Golf is a game for LIFE!

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Certified V1 Sports Pressure Mat Coach

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